Delegating Like a Boss: The Key to Achieving More with Less Effort

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Taking on everything yourself may seem like the best way to ensure things get done right. But paradoxically, learning to delegate effectively is the only path to achieving more with less effort.

As a manager or leader, delegation is an essential skillset to multiply your capabilities. Done well, it empowers your team and lifts burdens from your shoulders.

Start by outlining all your current tasks and responsibilities.

  • Which consume the bulk of your time but don't require your unique skills?

These are prime opportunities for delegation. Assign these more rote tasks to teammates with capacity so you can focus on more strategic priorities.

When delegating, clearly explain the desired outcome but give your team autonomy over how they complete the task. Offer support but avoid micromanaging. Checking in shows you care while still empowering others to exercise their judgement.

Resist the urge to swoop in and rescue struggling teammates. Be patient as others build new skills. Remember that development opportunities accelerate growth. Offer coaching to help them improve but avoid delegitimizing by taking back the reins.

Thank your team for taking on additional tasks and acknowledge their contributions.

  • Recognize that delegation requires trust on both sides.
  • When done well, it builds loyalty, engagement and capability across your team.

Delegation is admitting that you can't do it all alone - a sign of strength, not weakness.

Take steps to delegate tasks that drain you so that you can contribute at the highest level.

Your greatest legacy will come from empowering others, not doing all the work yourself.

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