The Efficiency Strategy: Delegation as Your Productivity Superpower

With infinite demands and limited time, the superpower skill for achieving more is delegation. But many entrepreneurs resist relinquishing control, falsely equating handing off tasks with lack of commitment. In reality, properly leveraging your team’s strengths empowers you to focus energy on only what requires your unique genius.

Masterful delegation magnifies impact exponentially.

Start by auditing your typical workload.

What mission-critical projects deserve more strategic attention from you but get neglected by putting out fires elsewhere?

  • Make a list of lower-level activities that keep you bogged down in the weeds then assess who can own these instead.

Thoughtfully match team members’ talents and interests with appropriate responsibilities to assume.

  • Provide ample training and check-ins.
  • Convey trust in their abilities rather than micromanaging steps.
  • Offer help without rescinding ownership.

Developing others’ skills through delegation breeds motivation along with freeing up your schedule.

Publicly celebrate when teammates produce wins previously occupying your plate. This positive reinforcement inspires greater commitment to goals.

Rather than judging self-worth by tasks completed, measure influence leveraged through others. Elite executives don’t achieve in a vacuum - they architect teams to execute bigger visions collectively.

Make empowerment through delegation your superpower too. 

Delegation not only alleviates workloads, but actually lifts limiting self-beliefs about what you can accomplish. Seeing your vision brought to life successfully by those you've poured into reveals new realms of possibility.

When delegating, clearly communicate desired outcomes but give latitude over process so teammates can flex their creative muscles.

  • Checking in shows you care while still providing autonomy to build confidence.

Don't default to the same willing volunteers out of ease.

  • Particularly challenge your emerging leaders by delegating stretch assignments to help them rise.
  • Mentor them through the discomfort so they eventually excel.

Continually assess whether you’ve achieved maximum leverage of your unique abilities or if there are lower-priority tasks still begging for delegation. Ask trusted advisors to point out activities beneath your pay grade.

Ruthlessly shedding the roles others handle just as well frees up mental bandwidth and schedule space for the game-changing work only you can drive. Delegation allows hand-selected protégés to carry the torch while you light new fires.

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